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In Starting this gallery of Places and People of Aberafan I invite all that wish to contribute.To send in their photographs to John, the site editor, who will then upload them onto the Gallery Page the site needs all kinds of Photographic material relating to Aberafan and Port Talbot and the surrounding area. If you wish to send in a family story, or you want to write an article then there are pages on the site for just that purpose, some have already sent in their stories and they are now on the website. we designed this site so that all could actively get involved.
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The Aberafan National School Photograph of 1920 my father 4th from the left back row Although I have an Original copy of this photo
this particular photo has the names of the pupils.and the Photograph was sent in by. Mr Dennis Reed our thanks for this contribution.

Ken had many Achievements
In his life being made a Mayor
Of Aberafan was
one he was very proud of He never lost an Aberafan Election

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Two photographs of Councilor
Ken Johnson
Known to many as
Undoubtedly the best representative the Aberafan ward has ever had.
He did a great deal of his good works
away from the Publics Gaze
the Photographs with kind permission
of Mrs M Johnson


Ken Stood up for the working Man he Became President of the local TUC
Many remember Ken as a Dynamic Steel works Union Leader

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The Trefelin School Rugby Team 1950's 3rd row 3rd from the Left Johnny Redcliffe whilst 5th from the left is Tommy Fellows I hope to get the names of the others that were in the Team.
many thanks to Johnny Redcliffe who gave the photograph.

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We wish to Thank Mr Idris Wadey for Submitting this photograph of a football match at Kenfig Hill between Aberavon and we assume Kenfig Hill in 1934, kicking the football is a Mr Pryce Jenkins. The caption reads
Aberavon V Mr Pryce Jenkins XV at Kenfig Hill
21st March 1934.
. In the photograph is an unknown Aberavon Player.If anyone has information on this game or the players that took part in both teams please let us know.

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Douglas Redcliffe on the right his father centre his Brother Left This photo taken early thirties Douglas was a well known Plasterer who worked for the council for many years
He lived in Llewellyn Street all of his
84 years


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Llewellyn Street in Aberafan before
the M4 Motorway was built and the
left hand row of houses were
demolished this photo taken 1950.

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Llewellyn Street 2005
The Same view Line but Fifty Five Years

on the street as it is today not many of
the residents of the 1950's still
live there most of the
houses now in the rented sector

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Barbara Sparks Beauty Queen on Coronation Day
The old lady Margaret Phillips
widow to Tom of Phillips garage At Wybron's corner the maids of Honor all children of the street
Barbara Moved to Canada shortly after this period and brought up a successful Family


In the early 1900,s a German By the name of Hoffman had a bakery in the street he trundled his bread about the borough in a large hand cart these wheels are from that Cart

How many of us used to ride on this swingboat that was on the sands of Aberafan beach for many years. Pulling hard on the ropes to get a big swing Sadly now there are no swings of any kind

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