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This is a site dedecated to sharing information and no monetary gain is made from its pages on information, in fact as many will know the webmasters have spent a great deal of money and time in gathering this information that they are more than willing to share.
Due to the very nature of Research in archive material in Libraries and other storeage area's of Genealogy and History information. It is impossible not to have information gained by individual researchers overlapping , we cannot be held responsible for any perceived infringments, likewise information submitted by others to this website is deemed to be of their own research and can only be taken on trust the webmasters cannot be held responsible for any that is not. If any person feels that their information appears on this site without their permission then if they can establish that the information is their,s through research then the information will be deleted from the site or with their permission remain but with credits to themselves. Everyone is urged to check the information they get from these pages before entering the said information into their family history as the webmastesr cannot be held responsible for any mistakes. No Information taken from this site may be used for any monetary Gain whatsoever as most is copyright to the webmasters you will need their written permission. YOU will need permission to copy any Photograph that appears on this website even if you believe it is one of your family members.