Aberafan's financial Business

Access to finance to promote business and investment was limited to the very few, the common man had no access to finance that the better off in the society of 1856 where able to aquire to further thriving business interests. In Aberafan of that time period there where few financial houses that even those who could afford to save and borow could use.The following lists those that were in existance at that period.

Central Glamorgan Building Society, Ivorites Hall Duck Street. . William Davies, secretary.

Henry John Lewis, receiver of tolls
Ivorites' Hall, Duck st - John Evans, secretary

Aberafan Building Society (First office), Castle Hotel .Water Street. William Davies, secretary

Aberafan Building Society (Second office), Victoria Hotel High Street. . Willam. Jones, secretary.

Custom House, Port Talbot . . William Loveluck, principal coast officer and collector of light dues; George Bydder, tide waiter

Harbour Trust Co.'s Office, Port Talbot . Thomas Lewis,
harbour master,

Gas Works, Water st. . . William Jones, secretary

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