Introduction To Margam


By Allen Blethyn

Welcome to MARGAM, a web site which intends to deal with all historical matters relating to the old parish of Margam as it was before 1921.

It then stretched from the river Kenfig in the East, to the river Afan in the West and from the sea to Afan Argoed in the North.

It is our intention for this site to include as much new material, which is not easily available to be found elsewhere,
also, we hope to get as many people who have any interests in the Margam parish to participate by contributing to the site through Allen and John; thus making it a true site belonging to the people of the parish.

All the contents of these pages will also be made available in hard copy format,so that we will be able to show it around the community, and at other locations such as Schools, libraries and various local shows and exhibitions.

Much has already been written about Margam parish in books which will be listed under My Books below.
But I dont intend listing the names of the many fine contributors in that field, as they are far too numerous to list.
However I feel that this section of our Web Site should be dedicated to:

Mr. Leslie A.Evans 1911-1996
Mr. Evans Historian of Margam was in my opinion the person who has contributed most in the way of research into the history of Margam,and has also been my mentor.

His work forms the foundations of this web site of Margam, he also left me many clues in his works that I can follow up on within todays records
In Mr Evans days records were harder to study because they were not so readily accessible as they are today, for this acceessibility we are eternally gratefull.


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