The Peoples Burial Ground.

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The burial Ground Plan gives the location of individual graves
First find the grave in the A,B,C,D Memorial Inscriptions Lists
then check the Grave plot number against the plot numbers on the
Burial Ground plan
this will give the Grave plots location in the Burial ground.

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Left Arch
Griffith Gate
Right Arch

The Gate was installed at the opening of the burial Ground in 1870 the arch and the two gates are of cast iron over the centre of the arch can be seen the remains of a bracket that used to hold a lamp in place the two gates are very much in need of repair as are the two pillars of the arch as the burial ground is still in use, urgent repair should be undertaken to this 136 year old historical object.There is an inscription on both sides of the arch which is:
On the left arch section "This burial ground Presented By" whilst the right hand side of the arch reads Griffith Llewellyn Esq October 1870.
"This burial ground presented by Griffith Llewellyn Esq October 1870"

.The History of the peoples Grave in July 2006. by Allen Blethyn,
who researched it by using The Cambrian Newspaper reports at that time, and by using material gained from reading other informed local authors and his own researches..

Today in the year 2006.
There are three graveyards in the centre of Aberavon.
The first one, being the oldest, and therefore to me the most important being the graveyard contained within the boundary walls of St. Mary`s Church Aberavon.
From the south boundary wall of this graveyard one walks through the underpass tunnels of Heilbron Way dual carriage way. We come out right by the second graveyard, this yard is known by most of the towns people today, as St. Mary’s churchyard, this is very confusing! We will come back to this point in one moment.
The south boundary wall of the above yard separates it from St Joseph’s grave yard, at the rear of St Joseph’s church.

We now return to the matter of a name for the above middle graveyard.

Events leading up to the graveyards construction.

At a church vestry meeting in September 1856 the church rates were discussed, with the building of a new church in mind.
Even though the parish funds were in dire straits, the condition of the church was so bad it was thought to be beyond repair at this time.
Then in February 1857 sure enough the vicar, Rev. D. Evans, T. Jones ,and Captain Jenkins, made the first contributions towards a proposed new church.
This proposal of building a new church gathered momentum for in February 1857 a public meeting was called with Griffith Llewellyn of Baglan Hall taking the chair.
Mr C .R .M. Talbot gave the cause a good start, for following the meeting a month later donated £500 towards the fund, also at the same time the vicar Rev. David Evans, proposed that plans be drawn and a list of subscribers formed. By June of the same year, the architect’s plans were accepted, and the following month tenders from builders were sought. The tender submitted by Mr Thos. Williams builder of Newport being accepted in February 1858.The efforts of fund rising continued at an increased rate, and by April a notice regarding the demolishing of the old church was issued.
The sad day arrived in May of 1858 when the old church was taken down, and a kinsman of mine Thomas Blethyn Jones [ 1*] stood just outside the grave yard wall and wrote words for a song, describing the sad event.
In June 1858 C. R. M. Talbot gave another £500 towards the new church funds, and at the same time the foundation stone of that new church was laid by Mrs G. Llewellyn of Baglan Hall.
Building work continued, but the building fund seemed forever empty, of course the ordinary man in the street was to poor to contribute in any significant way. Whereas to a man of C. R. M. Talbot’s standing money was plentiful at that time, as his investments in the new railway line had made him enough to build many such churches. We must be grateful to him, because in August 1859 he gave another £500 towards the church funds. A grand Bazaar in the same month also raised a further £300.
Building work had progressed enough for the date of its consecration ceremony to be set as Wednesday 19th.October 1859. When Mr Griffith Llewellyn provided a fine cold collation for all the local dignitaries present.

So with the new church built and in full use, even though its tower remained uncompleted, the people of Aberavon turned their attention to the matter of its graveyard. Of course the building of the new church meant that some graves’ and land had been lost. Added to this the growth in the population had continued to grow dramatically. With a result there was no space left for any new graves.
Nothing was done for nearly ten years, but in April 1868 someone who did not give their name, wrote a letter to the editor of the Cambrian newspaper Swansea.
Thus, leaving us with an account of proceedings on the subject, this person signed the letter Yours, very obediently Ratepayer. Out of this long letter we can gain the following events in the eyes of the writer of course.
Great excitement has been created in the town of Aberavon, owing to the calling of a special open vestry meeting, this meeting had been called on 20th.of February 1868, to discuss the purchase of a piece of land for a parish burial ground .It was proposed at that meeting, that a piece of land under 2 acres be bought from Mr Griffith Llewellyn Esq. of Baglan Hall. The said land being close to the church, and the price being Five Hundred Pounds per Acre. A problem developed at this stage in the proceedings, about who would be allowed to be buried in this new bought land. If the ratepayers were being asked to contribute to the purchase costs, they thought it only fair that people of all denominations should be catered for also. At this point it was agreed that another vestry meeting be called on the 6th.of April 1868 at which it would be decided if land should be bought to extend the present church graveyard, or for the purpose of a completely new graveyard, where all members of the town could be buried.
Speakers, for both sides of the argument had their say, but the letter writer thinks that the vicar, who was in favour of the churchyard extension, put his views over in a very unfair manner. After some unsavory argument, it was agreed to have a vote by the show of hands, the result being well in favour of a new graveyard. The following day proper poll was taken between 2pm.and 8pm.after the poll closed the resulting numbers were-
For an extension of the existing church graveyard 100.
For a new graveyard 225.
The writer states that the big majority was due to the miserable expedients resorted to by the supporters of the Churchyard extension, in the form of many underhanded practices.

The following week in the same newspaper, another letter appeared, this time it was signed by one David Garrick, the strange thing is that this David Garrick is not to be found in any type of written record relating to the district or county?

A burial Board was created to handle the wishes of the peoples vote, but it was not until October 1870 that this Board was authorized to purchase land near Tiresceirch Farm in Baglan [2*] which was owned by the Cure of Briton Ferry. The cost for the purchase, fencing, draining, and the laying out of the burial ground was to be £850. It was proposed that two chapels should be erected, at a cost of £500 but this proposal was rejected by a large majority
However, at the same time Mr Griffith Llewellyn of Baglan Hall, stepped foreword and kindly gave the parish of Aberavon land near the church for a new cemetery in which both Churchman and Dissenter may be laid on equal terms.
Of course the above offer was gladly accepted by all, and in November 1870 the parish gave its thanks to Mr Griffith Llewellyn.
A new organ was in place and the church tower was completed, and so the people of the town were happy at last.

Based on the facts found above, I myself give the said new cemetery the name of "Aberavon Peoples Graveyard"
We at this web site would like to hear from anyone who knows different?

[1*] A profile of Thomas Blethyn Jones will be appearing later on the People page.

[2*] 1841 Aberavon Tithe. 210. Homestead Tiresceirch and 3 fields.
Landowner Rev.Evan Thomas of Briton Ferry. Occupier George Key.
[ So in the parish of Aberavon, and not Baglan ].?

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Peoples Graveyard Aberavon. July.2006.

Section A.

A1 Idris Edward
mab hoff ac anwyd
Arthur a Mattie Thomas
o`r dref hon yr
hwn a hunodd yn yr Iesu
Mawrth 4 ydd 1919
yn 2 plwydd ac oed.
Hefyd am
William Arthur Thomas
bu farw awst 25. 1953 yn 66 mlwydd oed.
hefyd am Mattie Thomas
gwraig yr uchod
bu farw Mawrth 24.1958 yn 75 mlwydd oed.
Edward Albert
mab hoff ac anwyl
William a Maria Davies
o`r dref hon yr
hwn a hunodd yn yr Iesu
Mawrth 15.1904 yn 7 mis oed
Er cof
Annie Jane Thomas
hoff herchearthur a
Mattie Thomas
2004. yn 82 mlwydd oed
[ unfinished mason chalked on ready]

A2 Margaret wife of James Neave
died 12th.April.1923 aged 37 years.

A3 Caroline Williams
died 24th.Sept.1903 aged 58 years.
Also of Margaret Williams
died 29th.Sept.1918 aged 83 years.

A4 Catherine Ann
died 17th.Dec.1950.
Also the aforenamed
George Thomas Sullivan
died 6th.Jan.1959 aged 86 years.
[ rest blank?]

A5 Poor condition.
William Crealock
formerly of ------- parish Devon.
died 27th.April.1883 aged 78 years.
Also of William son of the above
born 28th.Aug.1841. died 2nd.May.1909.
Also of Rachel Crealock
died 20th.Jan.1917 aged 65 years.

A6 John Howells
died 5th.June.1885 aged 37 years
Also of an infant
Also of Thomas C. Howells son of the above
died 11th.Jan.1886 aged 1 year 7 months.
Also of Margaret wife of the above John Howells
died 23rd.Dec.1934 aged 83 years.

A7 The children of
John Crier and Mary Jones.
John Crier died 23rd.Aug.1882 aged 1 month.
Wilfred died 10th.Oct.1886 aged 4 months.
Elizabeth Mary died 13th.Feb.1889 aged 4 years and 5 months.
Also an infant.
Asnath died 10th.July.1891 aged 3 years and 8 months.
Also of Charles V. Jones died 29th.Aug.1893 aged 9 months.

A8 Mary Ann
daughter of Richard & Mary M- - ---- ?
who died 15th.Aug. 1882 aged 14 months.
Also of Richard Robert
son of the above named
died 20th.May.1883 aged 8 years.
Also of the above named
Mary Margaret Hughes
died 18th.Nov.1905 aged 60 years.
Also the above named
Richard Hughes
died 6th.April.1927 aged 72 years.

A9 Fallen face up.
Phiebe the wife of John Evans
died 7th.Sept.1890 aged 34 years.
Also the above John Evans
died 23rd.Nov.1923 aged 72 years.

A10 Unreadable

A11 Unreadable

A12 Poor condition.
Richard Lody
died 2?. May.1882. aged - -? [ aged 42 Aberavon burial index]
Also of Bessie daughter of above
died 2nd.May.1886 aged -? [ aged 4 Aberavon burial index ]
Also of Alice Alma Lody
died 18th.March.1898 aged 18 years.
Also of Ann wife of the above
died 8th.March.1923 aged 84 years.


A14 Mary Jane wife of George Edwards
died 26th.Dec.1903 aged 52 years.
Also the aforenamed George Edwards
died 28th.May.1920 aged 72 years.

A15 Son & daughter
of H & S Union
Nov.11&12 1915
son aged 2 years
Daughter aged 6 months.

A16 Maria daughter of Frederick & Mary Wheeler
died.24th.Sept.1915.aged 17 years.
Also their son John Wheeler
born.22nd.Feb.1900. died.11th.Aug.1965.
Also the aforesaid
Frederick J.Wheeler
died 31st.Aug.1936 aged 63 years
Mary wife of the afore said
died 7th.Oct.1938. aged 61 years.

A17 Edwin Matthews
died 17th.April.1881 aged 62 years.
Also his wife Mary
died 3rd.Aug.1882 aged 67.? years.

A18 William Rees
son of David and Ann Evans
died 23rd.Oct.1880 aged6 years.
Also of David John son of the above named
died 25th.Oct.1880 aged 2 years and 8 months.
Also of 3 infants.
Also the above named Ann Evans
died 16th.Oct.1915 aged 65 years.
Also the above named David Evans
died 28th.Feb.1922 aged 71 years.

A19 Eleanor wife of John Evans
died 5th.July.1919 aged 75 years.
Also the above named John Evans
died 21st.June.1929 aged 80 years.

A20 Sarah James
anwyl briod
David M.James
o`r plwyf hwn
yr hon a hunodd
yn yr arglwydd
mehefin 4. 1916.
yn 71 mlwydd oed.
Hefyd am yr ughod
David M.James
yr hwn a hunodd
yn yr arclwydd
ionawr 7. 1927.
yn 87 mlwydd oed.

A21 Thomas Williams
In Welsh to do with
Ebenezer Aberavon
died 9 ed.Eor. 1901 oed 61.
Elizabeth his wife
died 12.Eor.1880 oed 38
son Thomas John
died 6 ed Ebrill 1905 oed 34.
son David
died 3 edd Auist 1937 oed 50.
annwl an
merch henat yr uchod
mamaeth er deulu a
phriod hygar Evan Lewis
y codwyd y gofeb hoa
bu farw 16 eg. chwer
1932 oed 61
befyd am
briod yr uchod
bu tarw Ehwef 19 1951
yn 80 mlwydd oed.50.

A22 Hannah cwraig Caleb Davies
died 15.Awst. 1880. yn 49.
Caleb Davies
died 22.Mawrth.1904 yn 72.
Hefyd am Mary Davies
fu farw mai.3.1913 yn 70.

A23 Small stone now blank.

A24 Elizabeth Ann wife of Charles Vowles
died 28th.Feb.1932 aged 75 years.
Also of Charles Vowles
died 18th.June.1937 aged 80 years.
Also their son Bertie
Also of David & Elizabeth Morris.

A25 - - - - -?
Wife of Daniel? Thomas
died April.14th.- - - - ? aged 23 years.

A26 Mary wife of David Hughes
died 11th.May.1880 aged 23 years.
Also of William John their son
died 5th.Sept.1880 aged 6 months
Also in memory of Leyshon Williams
died 18th.April.1883 aged 41 years.
Also of Ann wife of Leyshon Williams
died 4th.July.1925 aged 85 years.

A27 Margaret wife of Thomas Thomas
died 26th.June.1880 aged 56 years.
Also of Thomas Thomas
died 31st.Jan.1922 aged 71 years.

A28 Ann Havard
died 13th. Aug.1928 aged 76 years.
Henry Havard
died 15th.Sept.1927 aged 80 years.

A29 Thomas husband of Hannah John
died 15th.Sept.1926 aged 73 years.
Also of Emily aged 4 years
Llewellyn aged 2 years
Ann aged 9 months
Children of the above named.
Also of Hannah John wife of the above
died 22nd.March.1932 aged 80 years.

A30 Eleanor wife of Thomas Hughes
died 7th.June.1880 aged 54 years.
Also of Mary Louisa daughter of the above named
died 7th.Sept.1895 aged 25 years.
Also Thomas Hughes the above named
died 12th.Dec.1887 aged 70 years.

A31 [ Only very bottom plinth readable]
Mary Moody daughter of above
died 5th.Jan.1930 aged 49 years.

A32 Elizabeth Key wife of William Evans.
3.May.1832 - 16.Nov.1879.
Margaret Key wife of David Daniels.
10.Jan.1840. - 10.Oct.1913.
Richmond James Daniels
10.Mar.1918.- 4.Feb.1920.
Also of Winifred Mary Key
died 24th.Oct.1944 aged 74 years.

A33 Part Poor condition.
who died 1891 aged 53 years.
Also Maroarem his wife
died 11th.Jan.1919 aged 79 years
Also Crederick William
husband of C.Theresa Pace
died 26th.Oct.1925 aged 55 years.
Also C.Theresa wife of the above
died 29th.Sept.1941 aged 71 years.
Charles Percival Pace
died 26th.Dec.1877 aged 6 weeks.
Frank Sidwell Pace
died 3rd.Sept.1880 aged 3 years and 10 months.
Margaret Gwendoline Pace
died 8th.July.1880 aged 1 year and 8 months.
Sidney R.Pace
died 20th.June.1899 aged 26 years.
Gregory W.Pace
died 29th.June.1892 aged 34 years.
Albert - -? Pace
died Sept. - - ? 1880 aged - - - - ?
John Henry LL. Pace
died 10th.July.1885 aged 1-? years.

A34 Mary daughter of
Richard and Catherine Cravelle
died 30th.May.1908.aged 15 years.
Also two infants.
Also the above Catherine Cravelle
died 8th.April.1919 aged 65 years.
Also the above Richard Cravelle
died 22nd.Aug.1928 aged 79 years.

A35 Thomas Pamplin
died 20th.April.1879 aged 45 years.
Also Jennet Davies
died 26th.March.1918 aged 78 years.

A36 William husband of
Mary Hannah Walters
died 15th.April.1938 aged 76 years.
Also the above Mary Hannah
died 18th.May.1955 aged 90 years.

A37 John Phillips
o`r plwyf hwn
yr hwn a fu farw hyd 6.1879
yn 32 oed.
Hefyd am Hetty
gwraig annwyl James Thomas
bu farw hydref 4.1940.yn 71.
Hefyd am James Thomas
A hunodd Gorffennaf 20.1946 yn 80.

A38 Fallen faced up.
Johannah Redcliff
of Port Talbot
Late of Buckland Brewer Devon.
died 9th.Aug.1879 aged 45 years.
Also Joseph Bridgeman
died 15th.Dec.1890 aged 75 years.

A39 David Morgan
son of John and Anne Evans
died 17th.Oct.1876.aged months.
Morgan J.C.Evans
died 3rd.Nov.1893 aged 1 year.
Also of John Evans
died 28th.Feb.1916.aged 67 years.
Also of Pte. David Edgar Evans
son of the above killed in action
at Cambrai 23rd.Nov.1917.aged 29 years.
Also Catherine Esther daughter of above
died 12th.March.1924.aged 33 years.
Also Anne Evans wife of the above
died 23rd.Jan.1934.aged 82 years.

A40 William Llewelyn
o`r lle hwn
yr hwn a fu farw ghwef.18.1877.
yn 30.
Hefyd am Dinah, gwraig
Rees Hopkin, yr hon a fu farw mai.21.1887
yn 77.
Hefyd am William
annwyl eriod Blodwen Hopkins
fu farw gorffennaf 8.1941.
yn 59.
Also of Blodwen
wife of the above named
died 28th.Dec.1955.aged 71 years.

A41 Joseph Foley corn.1838. died 5th.April.1896.
Ann Foley 1845. 18th.Nov.-----?
Also their children
Beatrice Hockin
born 1874. died 16th.March.1877.
Victor Stanley born.1876. died ? June.1877.
Stanley Ivor born 1992. died 1918.
Interred in Natal.

A42 Charles Harris
died 26th.May.1877 aged 84.years.
Also his wife Mary
died 17th.Feb.1881.aged 89 years.
Also of Owen Jones
died 30th.Sept.1928.aged 50 years.
Also his wife Elizabeth
died 30th.Dec.1967.aged 85 years.
Muriel Jones a daughter and sister
born 3-2-1907.

A43 Poor condition
Mary beloved -------------?
Benjamin Evans
died 31st.July.1877.aged 58 years.
Also the above named Benjamin Evans
died 2nd.April.1895 aged.86 years
more below flaked off?

A44 William Woodwall Lucas
died 1st.Oct.1934 aged 79 years.
Also of Selina Ann Sutton Lucas
died 8th.Jan.1939.aged 83 years.
Also of Ann Elizabeth daughter of above
died 4th.March.1953.aged 65 years.

A45 Benjamin Davies
Late Globe Hotel
died 13th.Oct.1886.aged 59 years.
Wife Hannah
died 22nd.Dec.1908.aged 80 years.
Also of Richard Lloyd Davies
husband of Catherine Davies
died 3rd.Aug.1929 aged 55 years.
Also of David Davies
son of the above named
Benjamin and Hannah Davies
died 3rd.Dec. 1935.aged 75 years.
Also of Catherine Davies
died 3rd.May.1939.aged 73 years.

A45 Same plot another stone.
Mary Hannah James
died 3rd.April.1966.aged 74 years.
Her husband Frederick Alfred
died 19th.Jan1980.aged 84 years.
Also of Hannah Margaret Isaac
died 15th.Nov.1976.aged 71 years.
Also of Sydney Edward Isaac
died 21st.Dec.1984.aged 77 years.
And their son
David Richard Anthony Isaac
died 18th.Feb.1981.aged 43 years.

A45 Same plot another stone,making 3 total.
My husband Desmond Alston James
died 18th.Oct.1983.aged 60 years.
Great grandson of Benjamin Davies.

A46 Mary wife of
Griffith Davies
died 27th.July.1877.aged 31 years.
Also Griffith Davies
died 5th.Feb.1915.aged 71 years.
Also of Mary Jane Davies
died 20th.Dec.1949.aged 73 years.

A47 Very poor condition.
Jessie Christina
daughter of John and Elizabeth Giddy.
died 3rd.Nov.1883.aged ?[Aberavon index gives 1883 aged 10.]
Also Emily Mary a daughter
died 26th.July.1884.aged 18 years.
Elizabeth Giddy wife
died 2nd.Feb.1886.aged 46 years.
Also Christina Elizabeth Giddy
died 2nd.June.1991.aged 11 years and 6 months.
William Harueu? late of Crow-?n Cornwall
died 10th.May.1877 aged 61 years.
Also of John Giddy
died 2nd.Jan.1887.aged 50.
William John Giddy
died at Pietermaritzburg South Africa
7th.Nov.1897 aged 22 years.

A48 John Evans master mariner
who was drowned at Bilbad
Sept.1871 aged 45 years.
Also Rosalind died.18th.Jan.1875 aged 16 years.
Also Matilda died.2nd.Aug.1880.aged 26 years.
beloved children of the above named John Evans
and Ann his wife.
Also of Ann widow of the above John Evans
and wife of Henry Longdon
died.25th.April.1914 aged 80 years.
Also the above named Henry Longdon
died.21st.May.1914 aged 77 years.

A49 Henry James Pengelly
died.28th.Feb.1960 aged 84 years.
Mary Emily his sister died.27th.Oct.1960 aged 90 years.
Florence Annie their sister died.14th.April.1947 aged 75 years.

A50 Evan Davies husband of Annie M.Davies
died.13th.Dec.1938 aged 53 years.
Also the above named Annie M.Davies
died.27th.July.1951 aged 60 years.

A51. Top half of stone unreadable?

Also of Sarah daughter of the above named
died.14th.April.1882 aged 29 years.

A52 Richard Morgan My dear husband
died.9th.Nov.1954 aged 79 years.
Also his wife Bronwen Morgan
died.8th.Jan.1970 aged 87 years.

A53 Emma Relict of David Walters
died.13th.Feb.1875 aged 73 years.
Also Emma daughter of the above named
died.12th.Feb.1922 aged 81 years.

A54 Major John Jones V.D.2nd.Batt. Welsh Regt.
of Tymawr Aberavon
died.13th.July.1897 aged 59 years.
Also William Llewellyn Jones son of the above named
died.29th.Nov.1909 aged 40 years.

A55 William son of John and Sarah Davies
died.7th.June.1874 aged 30 years.
Also of Ann daughter of John and Ann Walters
died 15th.Dec.1870 aged 6 years.
Also the above named Sarah Davies
died.3rd.May.----? aged ------?
Also of Ann Evans

A56 William Richard Burges
died.23rd.June.1897 aged 63 years.
Elizabeth his wife died.6th.Jan.1905 aged 65 years.
And their children
Mary Annie 3rd.June.1877 aged 16 years.
Edwin 22nd.Mar.1874 aged 5 months.
James Luke 24th.April.1881 aged 12 years.
Also Amelia Luke sister of the above Elizabeth Burges
25th.Feb.1908 aged 83 years.

A57 James Robinson
died.3rd.Jan.1875 aged 56 years.
Also of Duglas John son of the above
by Elizabeth his wife
died.10th.Nov.1882 aged 12 years.

A58 Sarah wife of Edward Axford
died.28th.Dec.1874 aged 63 years.
Also Mary daughter of the above
died.15th.April.1876 aged 28 years.
Also the above named Edward Axford
died.23rd.Oct.1886 aged 80 years.

A59 Very bad condition only part eligable.
----abeth Gregary ------? of ----------?
-----dilo talybont
died dec.12th. ------?
aged 74 years.
Also of Daniel Gregary
died.1st.Dec.1894 aged --? years.
Also Margaret his wife
died.21st.Feb.1899 aged 82 years.

A60 My dear mother Jenny Rees
died.8th.Nov.1919 aged 33 years
Edward P.Richards
died.27th.July.1978 aged 66 years.

A61 Blocks of a pedestal in a number of parts.

1. George Longdon
died.28th.May.1916 aged 70 years.

2. died 30th.Jan.1924 aged 70 years.

3. Also of the aforesaid George Longdon

4. Harriet Mary beloved wife.

A62 Margaret Longdon.
John Longdon

A63 Top of stone broken away missing.
The beloved wife of -------------?
died.3rd.Sept.1915 aged 59 years.
Also of Richard Morgan
beloved son of the above
died. May. --? 19--? aged 23 years.
Also Robert husband ---------------?

A64 Mary wife of Mathias Morris
died.19th.May.1932 aged 52 years.
Also of Josh their son
died.5th.Dec.1934 aged 27 years.
Also the above named Mathias Morris
died.10th.Oct.1943 aged 65 years.
Also Ceptie died in infancy.

A65 Sarah Ann Morgan
bu farw -----? 20.1883.yn 80.
hefyd am Hopkin Morgan
ei annwyl briod
bu farw hydref 2.1887 yn 71.

A66 Thomas Edward Jones
who was accidentally killed
at Dyffryn Sheds Port Talbot
28th.July.1904 aged 32 years.
Also Rachel Mary wife of W.R.Jones
Also the above named William Robert Jones
died.7th.April.1942 aged 57 years.

A67 Eliza Acford
Also of William Acford
Also of Charles Henry Clement
died.24th.Jan.1936 aged 67 years.
Also of his wife Mary Jane
died.27th.Feb.1953 aged 78 years.

A68 Arthur son of John.D.and Margaret Grey
died.8th.Sept.1872 aged 2 years.
Also the above named John D.Grey
died.12th.Dec.1897 aged 67 years
and was buried at Wheeling West Virginia U.S.A..
Also the above named Margaret Grey
died.28th.Aug.1906 aged 70 years.
Also of Sarah Griffith Grey daughter of the above
died.28th.Aug.1934 aged 74 years.

A69 Emmeline wife of James Evans late of Blain-? Moa-?
died.5th.Nov.1872 aged 29 years.

A70 Dafydd George
o pant-du
Rest of stone buried?

A71 Gethin Potts died---------? Also of Samuel Potts

A72 Major John Jones V.D. 2nd.batt. Welsh Regt.
of Tymawr Aberavon
died.13th.July.1897 aged 59 years.
Also of William Llewellyn Jones son of the above
died.29th.Nov.1909 aged 40 years.

A73 Another coffin grave identical to above
both enclosed in low railings
This one in good condition but totaly unmarked?

A74 Edward Jones
died.28th.Nov.1877 aged 54 years.
Also Mary Jane his wife
died.24th.Nov.1893 aged 54 years

Edward Thomas Jones
died.12th.Nov.1914 aged 68 years.
And of Ellen Mary his wife
died.14th.July.1925 aged 75 years.

Also of Edward Jones
died.1st.Jan.1880 aged 2 years.
Also of Harold Glyn Jones
Private 17th.Batt. Welsh Regt.
Killed in action near Cambrai
25th.Nov.1917 aged 29 years
Dearly loved son of
Edward T. and Ellen M.Jones

Margaret Mary Jones
died.26th.Dec.1874 aged 5 years.
Edith Ellen Jones
died.31st.Dec.1874 aged 10 months.
Mary Jane Jones
died.23rd.Jan.1875 aged 3 years.

A75 Welsh well worn by weather can only make out
John Lewis--------1884 yn 58
Welsh verse worn?

A76 Jane,ac Edward,anwmlbriod
a mab hoff D.Griffiths
gweinidog y bedyddwyr
Aberafan 1887.
Welsh Verse
eiddo y cweinidog uchod
tachwedd yr 2 ail 1911.

A77 The Rev.John Foulkes Arv-?n House
for 18 years the faithful pastor of the
Tabernacle Concl.Church.Aberavon
died.30th.July.1899 aged 55 years
Long praise and Verse.
Mary Anne his wife
died.27th.Sept.1890 aged 44 years.

A78 Gwendoline daughter of
Thomas Owen and Mary Jane Davies
died.21st.Dec.1890 aged 3 years.
Also the above named Thomas Owen Davies Bath 5th.June.1910 aged 53 years.
Also their son Albert Owen Carnarvon 19th.July.1911 aged 27 years.
Also the above named Mary Jane Davies
died.17th.March.1935 aged 81 years.

A79 Henry Jones
o`r deef hon
bu farw mawrth 8.1891 yn 95.
Welsh Verse.
hefyd am hon a fu farw mehefin
5.1896 yn 70.
Also of Francis H.Ho-?e
died.-----? 15. 1934 aged 58 years.

A80 Top half of stone unreadable
crumbled away?
Also of William J.Evans
died.29th.Jan.1938 aged 60 years.
Also of Sarah Evans wife of the above
died.12th.Feb.1950 aged 71 years.

A81 Harriet wife of Thomas Evans
died.26th.Jan.19-?9 aged 76 years.
Also of William Waters
died.13th.Aug.1891 aged 7-? years.
Also of Martha his wife
died.15th.Dec.1913 aged 84 years.

A82 J.L.George [ nothing else ].

A83 Evan Edwards
died.21st.Feb.1875 aged 59 years.
Also of Evan son of the above named
died.13th.May.1885 aged 39 years.
Also of Margaret wife of the above named
died.4th.March.1892 aged 79 years.
Also of Joseph Edward
grandson of above and husband of
Lily May Hanbury
died.5th.Feb.1939 aged 64 years.

A84 Thomas Emmanuel Jones
Also of Ann Savours Jones
wife of the above
died.13th.Oct.1926 aged 83 years

Thomas Emmanuel Jones
Frederick George Longdon Jones
Children of the aforesaid.
Also of Jane Longdon sister of the above
died.23rd.Feb.1932 aged 90 years.

Robert Longdon Jones
Harriet Edith Jones
Children of the aforesaid.

A85 Daniel Evans
of Blaen Baglan
Who died at Clifton 23rd.Aug.1879 aged 69 years.
Also of Anne Evan widow of the above
died.28th.Aug.1905 aged 85 years.
Also of Thomas William son of the above
died.11th.March.1902 aged 47 years.
Also of the Reverand David Wynne Evans
Congregational minister [London]
died.31st.May.1927 aged 66 years.
Also of Emily his wife
died.16th.Feb.1936 aged 76 years.

A86 Damaged into 2 pieces.
Also of the above John Jenkins
died.18th.Nov.1919 aged 63 years.
Also their son William Stanley
who was killed in action in France
28th.Sept.1917.aged 23 years.

A87 Harry Rees Llewellyn Evans
died.21st.June.1892 aged 25 years.
David Aubrey Evans
died.3rd.Nov.1897 aged 25 years.

A88 Top half badly flaked away
Phillip Davies
y`r hwn a fu farw Rhag 19.1935 yn 67.

A89 George Jones, relieving officer and registrar of this town.
born.19th.Feb.1819. died.9th.Jan.1892.
Also his wife Mary
born.8th.Feb.1826. died.10th.Oct.1902.
Also of Mary Jane Jones daughter of the above
died.27th.Feb.1928.aged 77 years.

A90 Mary Ann
merch William a Margaret Evans
Relieving officer Aberavon
yr hon a fu farw Rhacfyr 29.1891 yn 13.
Hefyd am Margaret gwraig
yr uchod yr hon a fu farw
Mai,26,1892 yn 36.
Hefyd am John eu mab
yr hwn a fu farw yn
LLanelli corph 18,1933 yn 56.

A91 William Jones
died.12th.March.1942n aged 64 years.
His wife Elizabeth
died.27th.Sept.1948.aged 65 years.
Also of 5 infants.

A92 Elizabeth child of William & Margaret Jones
died.13th.Feb.1893 aged 4 years & 3 months.
Also the above named William Jones
died.15th.March.1927 aged 73 years.
Also the above named Margaret Jones
died.27th.April.1946 aged 88 years.

A93 Thomas John Rees
diacon a chyn-arweinydd y
can yn Ebenezer Aberafan
annwyl daiod Gwenllian Rees
yr hwn a fu farw Mawrth 1af 1934 yn 71.
Hefyd am Faban
Hefyd am yr uchudd
Gwenllian Rees
yr hon a fu farw Ebrill 1af.1941 yn 78.

A94 Ann anwyl briod
Thomas Thomas
yr hon a hunodd yn yriesu
Mai.3.1893 yn 69.
Hefyd am Mary Ann
annwyl briod John Jones
a merch i`r uchod
bu farw Mehefim 22.1940 yn 90.

A95 Benjamin husband of Elizabeth Mary Davies
died.8th.March.1920.aged 56 years.
Also two children.
Also Elizabeth Mary his wife
died.20th.April.1944.aged 77 years.

A96 Mary Jane briod John Harries
10.Mawrth 1935 yn 67.
John Harries
9.Mai.1944 yn 77.
Evan W.Jones
born.23rd.Nov.1864. died.15th.June.1893.

A97 Gwynne Rees
Also of William Rees
died.10th.March.1943.aged 81 years.
Also of Ellen Mary Rees
died.17th.Jan.1951.aged 84 years.

A98 John Jones
anwyl briod Margaret Jones
[ grocer] o`r dref hon
yr hwn a hunodd yn yr Iesu
Awst`r 20.1910 yn 57.
Margaret briod John Jones
Ghwef- 10.1920 yn 69.
Hannah merch John a Margaret Jones
Awst`r 29.1893 yn 12.

A99 Broken stone
Catherine Howell of Velindre farm
died.11th.Oct.1898 aged 79 years.

A100 William Griffiths
Tach 7.1894 yn 71.
Sarah Griffiths gwraig
Ebril.28.1901 yn 73.

A101 In loving memory of TOM.
The beloved husband of
Jennet Sparkes
died.6th.April.1912.aged 56.years.
Jennet Sparkes wife of the aforesaid
died.6th.Jan.1944.aged 83 years.
Also of Ann Sparkes
died.29th.Nov.1894.aged 78 years.

A102 Nest Maud wife of William Dennis
died.28th.March.1929.aged 45 years.
Also of the above named William Dennis
died.10th.April.1932 aged 54 years.

A103 Pedestal broken into pieces.
Margaret daughter of -----? Rowlands
------? 1894 aged 20 years.
Also of Thos.Rowlands
died.12th.Dec.1912.aged 61 years.
Also of Catherine wife of the above

A104 William Thomas husband of
Catherine Rees Thomas
Bryn Ogwy. Aberavon.
died.Lords day 17th.Feb.1907.aged 64 years.
Griffith Morris Thomas son of
William and Catherine Rees Thomas
Bryn Ogwy.Aberavon.
died.10th.Sept.1894.aged 24 years.
Also the aforesaid
Catherine Rees Thomas
died.Sunday 9th.April.1916.aged 76 years.

A105 Badly weathered.
Daniel Williams
of Melinc-ythan formerly of Welcome to town.Aberavon.
died.A--? --?17 1894.
Aged 59 --?rs
Also of Sarah Matilda Will-------?
daughter of the ab----?
died.April--d?--------? aged 23 years.

A106 Badly weathered.
Anwyl briod David Harris
[o`r dref hon]
bu farw mehefin 21.1894 yn 65.
Welsh verse.
Hefyd am David Harris
yr hwn a fu farw mai.6.1901 yn 77.
Welsh verse.
Hefyd am Catherine Harris
merch yr uchod yr hon a fu farw
mawrth 31.--------------?

A107 David Phillips
Glanafan House Aberavon
died.16th.Feb.1894.aged 61 years.
He was for many years a member of
the Aberavon town council and mayor
of the town and a most devoted member
and deacon of the tabernacle church.
Also of Margaret daughter of
Evan and Mary Phillips
died.4th.March.1920.aged 61 years.
Also of Mary Phillips the relict of
Evan Phillips
died.10th.May.1896.aged 59 years.

A108. E.D.MAYOR.

A109. Badly weathered.
William beloved husband of Mary ----------?
--ry wife of the above
--------------? ---48. aged 89 years.

A110. John Williams
Port Talbot
yr hwn a hunodd yn yr
iesu,ionawr 30.1895 yn 58.
hefyd am faban ei fab
Jacob a M.A.Williams
hefyd am Eunice cweddw yr
uchod yr hon a hunodd yn yr
iesu,Mawrth 28 ain.1918.yn 78.
Welsh verse.

A111 Sarah Maria Clement
died.29th.Nov.1940.aged 68 years.
And of Frederick her beloved husband
died.26th.Jan.1945.aged 72 years.

A112. John Arthur son of
Jenkin and Eleanor Rees
died.27th.March.1895.aged 11 months.
Also of the above named Jenkin Rees
died.1st.July.1898.aged 40 years.
Also their daughter Emily Mary
died.29th.Dec.1901.aged 4 years&5 months.
Also the above named Eleanor Rees
died.18th.April.1932.aged 75 years.

A113 Thomas John Morgan
Also Elizabeth Jane Morgan
Also Elizabeth Frances Phillips

A114 Joan
annwyl briod David Howells
bu farw Hydref 8.1935 yn 75.
Hefyd am y rhagenwyd
David Howells
bu farw Ion 22.1940 yn 85.
Hefyd am Mary H.Davies
bu farw Awst 1895 yn 21.

A115 Mary wife of William Howells
died.1st.Sept.1895 aged 59 years.
Also the above named
William Howells
died.11th.Dec.1913.aged 78 years.

A116 Head of stone is turned over face down
to heavy to lift.
Foot of same stone reads-
Also of the aforesaid
Mary Ann Harris
died.10th.Sept.1951 aged --? years.

A117 herbert Charles
o`r dref hon
yr hwn a fu farw Ebril 30.
1896 yn 36.

A118 Badly weathered
Evan Evans
o`r dref hon
yr hwn a fu farw Mai.30.1896 yn 75.
Hefyd am --------------? yr uchod
-------------------------? -awrh.1907
---------------------------? Henry son of
------------------------------? Davies
who -------------------------? aged 35.

A119 Coffin grave stone
one side good reads-
Gwenllian anwyl briod Thomas Phillips
o`r dref hon
yr hon awmadawodd ar fuchedd hon meh.2.1896.
Other side facing sea badly weathered.
--------am Thomas
---------------------------------? ion --? 1898.

A120 Walter Hopkin Davies
beloved husband of Katie Davies
died.31st.March.1953.aged 42 years.
Also his dear wife
Katie Davies died.15th.Aug.1997 aged 85 years.
Evan Davies
died.20th.Sept.1915 aged 45 years.
Sarah Ann his wife
died.14t.July.1951.aged 77 years.

A121 Top broken away and missing?
Also the above named
William G.Morris
died.21st.May.1958 aged 64 years.

A122 Broken into two parts.
John Small
born.17th.Dec.1842. Died.20th.March.1899.
Also of Elizabeth the beloved
wife of the above named
died.24th.Dec.1913 aged 77 years

A123 Pedestal broken into three parts Poor.
Margaret Ann wife of Edwin Moses
died.26th.March.1898.aged 40 years.
Also of Edwin S.Moses
Beloved husband of the afore named
died.7th.April.1932.aged 72 years.
Also their son Edwin Moses
died.--------?1927.aged 6-? years.

A124 Andrew Manning
died.12th.April.1936.aged 66 years.
Also his wife Ann
died.6th.Nov.1961.aged 90 years.
Also their daughter
Lauriel Balment Manning
died.11th.July.1973.aged 71 years.
Also of Jane Redmore.

A125 Unreadable.

A126 Griffith Davies of Margam Terrace
Ann his wife died.18th.March.1901.
Annie Infant daughter.
Sidney Davies
May his wife
died.--? 1951.

A127 William Rowland
died.15th.May.1971.aged 56 years.
Also of Margaret his wife
died.27th.Jan.1895.aged 74 years.
Also of Rees Rowlands
died.11th.Jan.1921.aged 35 years.
And Julia John
died.13th.Feb.1942.aged 68 years.

A128 Badly weathered.
Ebenezer Richards
died. 1st.Aug. -----? aged 55 years.
Also of Sarah Richards wife of the above
died.6th.June. -----? aged 83 years.
Also of Sarah Jane daughter of the above
died.13th.Oct.1948.aged 66 years.

A129 Our dear mother
Elizabeth Richards
Tea Pot Shop Aberavon
died.4th.May.1900 aged 41 years.
Also of John beloved husband of the above
died.24th.May.1925.aged 72 years.

A130 Annie daughter of
William Henry & Dinah Voisey
died.17th.Sept.1910.aged 15 years.
Also of Dinah beloved wife of William Voisey
died.28th.April.1913.aged 49 years.
Also of the above named
William Henry Voisey
died.18th.Jan.1947.aged 80 years.

A131 Thomas husband of Johanna Mulcahy
died.11th.Aug.1915.aged 37 years.
Also of Thomas Paterick their son
who was killed in action in Italy
21st.Jan.1945.aged 29 years.
Also the above named Johanna
died.5th.Nov.1950.aged 64 years.

A132 Mary Jones
Also 2 infants.
Also an infant Grandaughter.

A133 Archibald Phillips
died.28th.Dec.1933.aged 70 years.
Also his wife Sarah Phillips
died.17th.Dec.1927.aged 64 years.
Also of Wilfred J.Phillips their son
died.25th.Jan.1901.aged 10 weeks.

A134 Margaret Thomas
Also her dear parents
Margaret & Thomas Thomas.

A135 Lewis John
died.19th.Nov.1945.aged 70.
And of Annie his daughter
died.12th.Aug.1918.aged 21.
Also of Rebecca his wife
died.10th.Jan.1950.aged 73 years.

A136 Kate Gibbs
Elizabeth Ladley
George Henry Gibbs
Sarah Ann Gibbs.

A137 Chas. Mathews
Alice Mathews
Muriel Davies

A138 Our dear parents
John Howells
And Edith May his dear wife
Also our dear brother Bert

A139 George Llewellyn
died.23rd.Dec.1900.aged 73 years.
Also Mary his wife
died.16th.Sept.1903.aged 74 years.

A140 A.M.W.

A141 My dear husband
James Edgar Metherell
died.26th.Nov.1957.aged 77 years.
Also his beloved wife Elizabeth
died.26th.Aug.1966 aged 84 years.
Also 2 infant daughters.
Also of David Jones
died.16th.April.1920 aged 72 years.
And of Mary Ann his wife
died.6th.Sept.1922 aged 64 years.
Also of Sarah Jane daughter of
David & Mary Ann Jones
died 3rd.Dec.1900 aged 23 years.

A142 C.M.G.P.

A143 John beloved husband of
Rachel Hanbury
died.13th.May.1939 aged 61 years.
Also his wife Rachel Hanbury
died.4th.April.1955.aged 78 years.

A144 Badly weathered lower.
Annie Elizabeth wife of
John Eynon
died.14th.Oct.1900 aged 23 years.
Also the aforesaid John Eynon
died.March.30. -----? --------? 53 years.
------------------------------------? Eynon.
------------------------------------? years.
New plauqe at base
And their son
William James Eynon
a seafarer of character.

A145 William Morgan
died.21st.Feb.1919.aged 67 years.
Also an infant
Also his wife Mary Morgan
died.23rd.May.1934 aged 78 years.

A146 Thomas John son of
James & Jane Morris
died.18th.April.1900 aged 11 years.
Also of Thomas John Redmore
grandson of James & Jane Morris
died.18th.April.1922 aged 18 years.
Also of James Morris husband of Jane Morris
died.31st.Aug. 1922 aged 58 years.
Also of Jane wife of the above named
died.18th.July.1927 aged 68 years.

A147 Margaret wife of Henry Godbear
died.10th.July.1926 aged 55 years.
Also of Henry Godbear husband of the above
died.24th.Aug.1942 aged 72 years.

A148 Elizabeth wife of Albert Thomas
died.17th.June.1962 aged 60 years.
Also of Albert Thomas
died.4th.March.1965 aged 90 years.

A149 Sophia wife of Richard Williams
died.21st.June.1900 aged 34 years.
Also of Beatrice Mary Williams
wife of George Williams
died.16th.Oct.1931 aged 41 years.
Added plaque fixed under above.
Also George beloved husband of Beatrice
died.25th.Nov.1966 aged 79 years.

A150 George E.Jones
died.3rd.Aug.1900 aged 44 years.

A151 John Hopkins
died.27th.Feb.1919 aged 42 years.
Also of Maggie daughter of
John and Margaret Hopkins
died.5th.Aug.1926 aged 14 years.
Also the above named Margaret Hopkins
died.24th.Sept.1943 aged 67 years.

A152 J.Hughes.

A153 White wooden cross
Lily Jones.

End of Section A

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