Shopkeepers and Traders &c 1858


Bansford & David, grocers, Cwmafan road
Bassett Caroline eating house, Water street
Brown James, tailor, Water street
Charles Margaret E., Straw bonnet maker, Westgate
Courtis Richard, grocer & draper, Westgate
Davey Thomas, tailor, Aberafan
Davies Benjamin, spirit dealer, Wellfield
Davies William J., grocer, Duck street
Drew John, plumber and glazier, Richard street
Edwards Thomas, shoe maker, High street
Evans Jane, grocer & draper, Cwmafan road
Foley Joseph, ship owner, Church street
Griffiths Thomas, joiner, &c. Water street
Hughes Thomas, tailor, Savours street
James William & David, furniture brokers, High street
Jenkins David, boot & shoe maker, Westgate
Jones Edward, grocer, Cwmafan road
Jones George, registrar of births & deaths, Wern street
Jones Griffith, hair dresser, Water street
Jones Henry, tailor, Cwmafan road
Jones John, smith, Duck street
Jones Richard, grocer, High street
Jones Samuel, butcher, Water street

Jones Thos. E., grocer, Cwmafan road
Jones William, tailor and outfitter, Cwmafan road
Key James, butcher and grocer, High street
Lewis Evan, earthenware dealer, Water street
Llewellyn Llewellyn, grocer & draper, War-y-cana
Longden Catherine, tallow chandler, Cwmafan road
Longden Robert, grocer and draper, High street
Longdon David, brewer & maltster
Michael David, nail maker and town crier, Cwmafan road
Miles Alfred, china, glass, and boot and shoe dealer, High street
Morgan Evan, shoe maker, Cwmafan road
Morgan Jenkin, shoe maker, Cwmafan road
Morgan Samuel, butcher, Water street
Morgan Thos., shopkeeper, Richard street
Morgan Wm., shopkeeper, Tymaen
Morrish James, shoe maker, High street
Quick John, shopkeeper, Westgate
Rees Jno., stone mason, Cwmafan road
Rees Jno., architect, Cross Wen cottage
Richards Daniel, tailor, &c., Cwmafan road
Roberts Edward, grocer and draper, Church street
Roderick David, grocer, Water street
Rogers James W., builder and tallow chandler, Water street
Rosser Benjamin, grocer, High street
Shaw Elizabeth, furniture broker, Water street
Smith Daniel, grocer & ironmonger, High street
Sullivan John, tailor, Cwmafan road
Thomas Evan, boot and shoe maker, Cwmafan road
Thomas Jane, shopkeeper, Aberafan
Thomas Jenkin, butcher, High street
Turpin Mary, grocer, Water street
Vinon William, painter, Water street
Whitelaw William, baker and confectioner, High street
Wild David, boot and shoe maker, Richard street
Williams Ann, Straw bonnet maker, Cwmafan road
Williams Margaret, woollen weaver, Water street

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