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02/02/2008 New Page Added......... Harvey's lake Gallery
13/01/2008 New Page Added Harveys lake ............... Story of the Lake
26/12/2006 New story The Big Cat. Articles Page
26/12/2006 New Photo on Aberafan Gallery Page
07/10/2006 New page added Aberafan Gallery Page
03/10/2006 New Page added see the page menu buttons (M4)
26/09/2006 The Peoples Graveyard new pages added
16/08/2006 New Page added see the page menu buttons (Maps)
09/08/2006 Churches & Chapels Page ( Presbyterian Church )
09/08/2006 Churches & Chapels Page ( Methodist Church )
09/08/2006 Articles Page ( The ladies of the tinworks )
07/08/2006 Churches & Chapels Page (The Peoples Graveyard)
New Page added the docks see the page menu buttons home page
New Page added Afan Lido Dragons see the page menu buttons home page
26/07/2006 Churches & Chapels Page (Moriah Chapel )
26/07/2006 Architecture Page
24/07/2006 Churches & Chapels Page ( Peoples Burial Yard )
New Page added Map 0f 1876 see the page menu buttons home page
22/07/2006 News and Events Page
20/07/2006 Articles Page
17/07/2006 Articles Page
12/07/2006 The Morrison Library Page
12/07/2006 Articles Page
12/07/2006 The Churches & Chapels Page (Catholics MI's )
12/07/2006 Peoples Page
07/07/2006 Architecture Page
05/07/2006 The news & Events Page
27/06/2006 The Morrison library Page